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Clear template cache in x-cart

Have you been making changing into a smarty template file (within x-cart and perhaps independently as well) for long and the changes would not come up at all? Who could tell better how frustrating this can be!

The simplest and most effective way to clear template cache in x-cart is to call cleanup.php file which is placed at the root directory of x-cart installation. So if your installation is inside public_html directory (have nothing to do with directory actually) and your website address is just call and all your template cache will be cleared with a message something like this:

The compiled templates cache (“templates_c” directory) has been cleaned up.

(Thanks to Steve for his post)

How to position a pop up element on mouse position coordinates with jquery

Here is a simple yet useful trick to position a tooltip (a div element etc) near the mouse click or pointer position using jQuery. In the example here, we have a tool tip (div) with id “tooltip”, a href tag, on clicking which the pop up is positioned and a snippet of code to place anywhere on the page. Obviousaly this small function can be used to return mouse event coordinates by makeing slightest changes.

I have not tested this code jquery version prior to 1.3.2.

So, here is the javascript code:

$(document).ready(function()  {
    var x = e.pageX;
    var y = e.pageY;
    alert(x +', '+ y);
    $("#tooltip").css({"top":y, "left":x, "position":"absolute"});

The code line below is used to stop click event when action is already over:


And href and div tag html code:


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