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WordPress admin ajax 403 Forbidden issue fix

Update Jun 03, 2016:

As a new update when you try to do this action it gives you an option to whitelist the action in question. Something like this.

wordpress-admin-ajax-403-forbidden-issue-fix-whitelistSo it solves this issue for the current user.

Old (outdated ?) story

I am using popular Newspaper theme on few of my websites. While editing theme settings from admin end it suddenly stopped saving theme settings. I tried different thing including inspect element and hence found this in the console. (see admin ajax 403 forbidden message) Continue reading

Install Laravel on Windows – 3 minutes install

Install Laravel on Windows – 3 minutes install

Install laravel via composer installer on windows xampp or wamp

Laravel 5 can be installed via composer on all operating systems like Windows, ubuntu, mac. Using the following quick guide one can install laravel to their local xampp or wamp setup. All you need is having a basic knowledge of command line run and setting system variable paths. Continue reading