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CakePHP captcha support for CakePHP 2.x and 3.x

Here is the latest CakePHP Captcha support for CakePHP Version upto 3.x.

Download for CakePHP 3.x
Download for CakePHP 2.x

NOTE:For best Image Captcha results this component requires GD and Freetype support enabled. Please check your phpinfo() to know whether your server supports this (See image below). Contact your hosting provider if any of these libraries is not enabled.

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An example of CakePHP complex find conditions

Setting complex ‘find’ conditions in CakePHP can be tricky. I picked an example of Cakephp complex find conditions from one of my CakePHP projects.

I wanted to list all auctions which are “not closed” and whose’ end date/time is greater that the current date/time. I can use the following statement. Continue reading