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Flash player APT “natty-partner” installation issue fixed

For last few days i had struck with installing flash player since i had updated my system (kUbuntu) softwares through it’s “Updates Available” feature. Since then, now and then, i had been trying different things in this regard but eventually could not make flashplayer work and run flash content in any of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Rekong (included by default in kUbuntu) browsers. Being quite busy with other stuff and perhaps i didn’t feel a desperate need to run flash content in the meantime i had been just ignoring the issue altogether. Continue reading

How to install Adobe AIR application installer in Ubuntu

How to install Adobe AIR application installer in UbuntuI just installed Adobe AIR in my Ubuntu system and installed a AIR application thereafter . Here’s the process:

Go to to download a Adobe AIR Installer package. I did install from a .bin package so i shall write about installing it from a .bin package. Actually, i would explain a bit about how to install it from a .deb package as well. Continue reading

CheckGMail – troubleshooting, startup command and playing sound on new email

I am using KUbuntu 11.04 right now and today i tried to install CheckGMail and make it working. After entering correct login username(email address) and password it kept me showing “401 unauthorized request” error next to the Notifier icon in task bar along with a “Incorrect username and/or password” dialog box.

I tried solutions given here and here and only the solution that uses “-no_cookie” worked for me. Continue reading

Gimp Image Editor not launching in KUbuntu – resolved

I recently had installed Gimp image editor in my KUbuntu through software management interface. After the installation was done i clicked the Gimp icon to launch it and the system did seem to try to load it but eventually it failed. However if i tried “gimp” command in “Konsole” it would load it (with a number of “failed” messages in the console window) but when i worked on a image for few seconds it would crash abruptly. Continue reading

Adding php syntax highlight support to more extensions in gedit

Locate php.lang file and edit it

locate gtksourceview | grep /php.lang

Now i did
sudo gedit /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/php.lang as location of my php.lang file was /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/

In php.lang file look for <property name="globs">*.php;*.php3;*.php4;*.phtml</property> or similar and add more file extenstions separate with semicolon (;). I added *.ctp, *.tpl, *.module to make it look like <property name="globs">*.php;*.php3;*.php4;*.phtml;*.ctp;*.tpl;*.module;</property>. Save the file and restart gedit. Files with newly added extension should load syntax highlighting automatically.