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Adding multiple Recaptcha and custom form validation

It is possible to add multiple Google Recaptcha on single page. Here is an example of adding Google Recaptcha in two different forms and adding custom validation to them. This example illustrates using how response ids are created when rendering of form and later using them to create custom validation on the time of submission of this form. Example uses jQuery to handle form submission events and the action of adding fields dynamically to forms where you don’t have an access to the building or rendering of the form. Continue reading

jEdit plugin download problem with select another mirror error

Facing jEdit plugin download problem with select another mirror error? The solution is very simple. Just click on the “Download Option” button at the bottom of Plugin Manager window and “Update” mirror list. Now select some different and nearest available mirror from the list shown and try downloading plugin once again. It might work with new mirror. If it does not, try selecting different mirror and repeat.

anz-egate payment method for wp-commerce plugin

Working on ANZ-egate payment method for WP-Commerce Plugin

anz-egate payment method for wp-commerce plugin

Working on ANZ-egate payment method for WP-E-commerce plugin (which is completed and here is the link to download).

Helpful resources:

There are certain issues so i strongly discourage using this plugin right now. I am busy with something else at the moment so if you are a php developer you can try and extend this plugin to make it complete.

Current status: Live, doing good. Continue reading

How to edit or download .htaccess from cpanel file manager where it is hidden

In my cpanel (dont know the version number) it didn’t show .htaccess file and hid it by default. If it happens and as a lazy person like me you dont want to do ftp like things to get the htaccess appeared on you,  just click on a visible file and open it in cpanel editor. It will give you the url something like below. Continue reading

Fixing “empty characters with grayed background” in LibreOffice document content

Fixing "empty characters with grayed background" in LibreOffice document contentI copied one of my email’s content into a LibreOffice document for saving as a .doc or .docx. While looking at the pasted content it was weird to have a lot of empty spaces(tabs, spaces and/or newline characters, whatever) with grayed background in the content. You can into a part of the document, in the image below, to see what i mean: Continue reading