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Linux commands to list folders with their corresponding sizes

Simple du command lists all folders with their corresponding size of disk plus to start with. DU – Disk Usage


It takes given path as an argument

du ~/inimist/docs

Aggregate total of sizes of all files and folder underneath

du -s

Aggregate command works well with h option to display size in human readable format. For example, 2M, 1.3G etc.

du -sh

To sort by file or folder size


To find the largest files or folders on a file system


List all files greater than a threshold, sorted files by size

du -h –threshold=10M | sort -h

Dropzone Child elements are not clickable for upload

When attaching the .dropzone() object via jQuery, generally it does not allow you to click child elements and open the upload dialog.

In this case below, if you click the H3 element, the upload dialog is not opened, you must click outside of the H3 but still inside of the parent tag. This gets very frustrating.


In the example above the H3 tag is not clickable and does not fire file upload window.

There is an option to attach clickable event manually to a given element. A css class dz-clickable can be passed to an element to make it clickable.

This option however works only once. That is, only the very first element with this class becomes clickable and any other elements with this class remains un- attached. For example the <p> tag below wont be clickable


Another option to make all elements within the dropzone is to specify clickable option. clickable option like any other jQuery selector accepts multiple selectors. For example:


Many elements can be grouped within an element such as div and specify the clickable option for div. e.g;


jEdit plugin download problem with select another mirror error

Facing jEdit plugin download problem with select another mirror error? The solution is very simple. Just click on the “Download Option” button at the bottom of Plugin Manager window and “Update” mirror list. Now select some different and nearest available mirror from the list shown and try downloading plugin once again. It might work with new mirror. If it does not, try selecting different mirror and repeat.

anz-egate payment method for wp-commerce plugin

Working on ANZ-egate payment method for WP-Commerce Plugin

anz-egate payment method for wp-commerce plugin

Working on ANZ-egate payment method for WP-E-commerce plugin (which is completed and here is the link to download).

Helpful resources:

There are certain issues so i strongly discourage using this plugin right now. I am busy with something else at the moment so if you are a php developer you can try and extend this plugin to make it complete.

Current status: Live, doing good. Continue reading