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What code to dial to recharge Airtel sim with a scratch coupon (India)

airtel postpaid tariff plans

Highly asked questions over the internet but least answered i guess. So, what code to dial to recharge Airtel sim with a scratch coupon? I had to spend a GOOD amount of time to find the correct one. A few which i found were incorrect or didn’t work. So,

How do I recharge with coupon card in India?

Where we have to scratch and text the code in India?

Which number do I need to call to recharge my coupon in India??


Here is the correct answer:

*130*<16 digit coupon code># and dial.

This is applicable to Airtel SIM in India. To recharge a world airtel SIM you can do the following:

“aws r <16 digit coupon code>” and send it to 58125 from your India airtel SIM. Or get your friend to buy it if you are abroad. Ask him to type “aws r <16 digit coupon code> <your 10 digit India airtel number>” and sms to 58125 from his airtel number.

That’s all on “What code to dial to recharge Airtel sim with a scratch coupon”. You can post relevant codes for your service providers as a comment.


45 thoughts on “What code to dial to recharge Airtel sim with a scratch coupon (India)

  1. I lost my Airtel Topup Rs 30’s Voucher number or PIN while scratching and its Serial number 1311704008193222.
    So please send me correct number

  2. plz help my serial no 1531703004949393 to know scratch no is demage so plz scratch no 1531765538926691 scratch voucher pin no not clear plz scrtch no

    1. plz my half scratch missing for choice card rs.19 ..the half *131*19*93677775..210760*1# the middle two missing urgent

  3. I bought a balance coupon for Rs 50 and then now i scratched dial the 16 digits there a message appeared showing invalid mmi code and error

  4. I bought airtel 45rs data card. That serial number 1551510029466203 pin number last 4 number missing that pin number 985071666xxxxxxx. Please help me. My number is 9566253390

  5. Iam Abdul rahim from chennai. When I was scratching the coupon code, several numbers have damaged. So grant my request that send me pin coupon number by this serial number number 9789912191 . deleted number **************07

  6. Im Also facing same problm I Bought a 30 rs card nd I lost pin no so plz kindly help me my serial no 1611605000030486 And my mob no. 8179969909

  7. Very bad service .. I scratched and dialed the 16 digit num after the code * 140 # but the fuckery is there a message appeared showing that invalid mmi code.. Wot the fuck it is airtel ?? Answer it .

  8. What the fuk is wrong with your recharge coupen its code is 140 in the coupon.. But it shows invalid mmi code on dialing . very bad service airtel .

  9. Thank you! This was really helpful. I am new to the AirTel. I just bought a recharge coupon and tried all sorts of numbers including the ones mentioned here ( and at several other places. None of them worked, except, of course, yours! Thank you!

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