Updating two columns with a subquery in MySQL


Sometimes you wanted to update columns of one MySQL table by quering another MySQL table and getting a column value from the later table. For example you have a ‘students’ table and you wanted to create a new field ‘totalMarks’ in it and wanted to fill or update by taking sum of the ‘marks’ field from another table named ‘marks’. Here comes the use of subquery to update column. Continue reading

CakePHP captcha support for CakePHP 2.x and 3.x

Here is the latest CakePHP Captcha support for CakePHP Version upto 3.x.

Download for CakePHP 3.x
Download for CakePHP 2.x

NOTE:For best Image Captcha results this component requires GD and Freetype support enabled. Please check your phpinfo() to know whether your server supports this (See image below). Contact your hosting provider if any of these libraries is not enabled.

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A simple way to debug a php application in production mode

Useful PHP debug functions

A simple way to debug a php application in production mode

Here are a few useful PHP debug functions.

I wrote a similar post sometime ago posting the abbreviated “pr” function as a shorthand replacement for the “prinr_r” or “var_dump” functions. Since then this function has changed a bit so re-posting it here with the improvements. With the new updated function one can restrict the output to screen for specific IP address only. Continue reading