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How to edit a page in WordPress

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Quick notes on how to change text from back end in WordPress. This may make newbie in WordPress to be able to edit a page text.

Login to WordPress CMS back-end by suffixing /wp-admin/ to your website address.. For example on your server it goes http://yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/. It will ask you to login. Use your login/password. Once logged on you will be on the Dashboard. Continue reading

How to delete duplicate MySQL records with duplicate field value (as ID)

For some reason i had duplicate entries in my WP database. The ID field in wp_users table was tempered with and was changed to Non Auto-Increment to insert records on the will. I deleted all ID=null records manually and then tried to change it to AUTO INCREMENT but it came up with Duplicate Entry error and then i found that it had duplicated/multiple entries with same IDs as well. Here’s the remedy i had to apply in order to delete those duplicate entries and change ID field to AUTO INCREMENT once again. Continue reading

How to edit or download .htaccess from cpanel file manager where it is hidden

In my cpanel (dont know the version number) it didn’t show .htaccess file and hid it by default. If it happens and as a lazy person like me you dont want to do ftp like things to get the htaccess appeared on you,  just click on a visible file and open it in cpanel editor. It will give you the url something like below. Continue reading

How to remove html { margin-top: 28px !important; } from wordpress header

To remove html { margin-top: 28px !important; } from wordpress header go to /wp-includes/admin-bar.php and edit around line 672 (in WordPress 3.3)

Alternatly you can add a remove_action filter in you active theme/functions.php file like this, as this is a part of _admin_bar_bump_cb function which is defined in above mentioned file: Continue reading

Adding (Explorer – file browser) plugin to Notepad++

Once i decided to give Notepad++ a serious try as my default code editor the first major thing i noticed was the non availability of explorer like file browsing panel (generally to the left side). After a few bits of r&d i reached at the conclusion that Notepad++ had Explorer plug-in which could be installed with a few clicks! Continue reading