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Fix to jQuery plugin does not work on ajax loaded content

I had been loading table records through ajax pagination using jquery. Some of the urls/links (View Details, Edit and Delete) in loaded content had been using thickbox to handle respective requests. Although, if i did’t use the ajax to load records these links would work fine and thickbox would open. But once i introduced ajax they suddenly stopped working. Continue reading

A note on DOM elements’ changed scope when using thickbox with jQuery

A similar situation may arise (atleast for me it did) when you try to invoke jQuery’s “thickbox” in conjunction with a custom onclick firing. I would explain it with the help of an example:

I have a div element (with id “myBlockTOShow”, i would say it “#myBlockTOShow” in this post further) which i display/present as a “thickbox” when a href tag/link is clicked. Here is how the div element looks like: Continue reading