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phpMyAdmin PHP Code Injection Exploit attempt on my server

This morning, when i checked my Give Back India site’s access log i found some scripts/setup.php request attempts. In fact, not ‘some’ but hundreds of them. All requests were made targeting phpMyAdmin’ installations on my server. Here are a few of them: Continue reading

How to add HTML tag keyboard and toolbar shortcuts to Notepad++

(skip to implementation) Like most computer users i do prefer to use keyboard shortcuts and while working with web pages in particular, keyboard shortcuts and visual shortcuts in editor toolbars speed up development work considerably. There are HTML editors like Adobe Dreamweaver which do almost everything automatically for you, but you need to purchase a license to permanently use them and also they seem to consume large amount of computer RAM. Continue reading

Adding (Explorer – file browser) plugin to Notepad++

Once i decided to give Notepad++ a serious try as my default code editor the first major thing i noticed was the non availability of explorer like file browsing panel (generally to the left side). After a few bits of r&d i reached at the conclusion that Notepad++ had Explorer plug-in which could be installed with a few clicks! Continue reading

Resume download of PART extension file in Firefox

In some cases, when a large file had been downloaded through Mozilla Firefox, downloading of file gets interrupted for some reason. The Firefox would tag the download as “failed” and you are left with nothing but a .PART file. You right click it, it would ask you to ‘retry’ which would restart the download from the beginning. In my case i had been downloading a 100MB zip file and it failed once 97MB of it was downloaded. Continue reading