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Caching large menus or header/footer links in WordPress

Even if you are not using some robust caching plugin or tool in wordpress you can cache small chunks of data using basic caching techniques of PHP. In my example i had been creating a few dozens of links in the footer i would cache my links part so every time my page loads wordpress does not have to create each and every link by querying the database for each individual link. Here’s the simple code: Continue reading

Showing Next-gen gallery inside the template file

I wanted to show the nggallery images in my web page using a php template tag in the theme template file. What i mean i wanted to use [nggallery id=6] in my template to show a particular gallery after matching a certain condition. I searched for a solution at their website but i finally got it at wordpress’s website here Continue reading

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Skipping plugin update request from WordPress Installation – Just A Hack

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Sometimes, you may want your WordPress installation to not to ask you for upgrading a certain plugin you might have edited or extended in order to meet your requirements. Though this is not a good practice to modify a certain plugin directly, but in certain situations we just need something to happen somehow and do not care for or require future upgrades to the plugin. If you are okay doing this, read on.. Continue reading

ANZ-egate payment method for WP-Commerce Plugin

ANZ-egate payment method for WP-E-commerce plugin. I hope it works for you. Bug-fixing or improvements are welcomed.

How to install: Create a new file (plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-merchants/anz-egate.merchant.php) and place this code into this file. Once saved check the Payment Method section of the WP-ECommerce and it should show options for the ANZ-Egate payment method. It should work similar to other payment methods. Create your own logo for ANZegate or download this one Continue reading

404 error while saving options of Unique Article Wizard WordPress Plugin

I would try to save UAW options at and it would end up in a “404 Not Found error”. I tried different things in order to fix it..  debugged through the action of the options form, changed form action, urlencoded the url and so one but it would not fix. At last a thought came that it might be causing due to a very long list of categories listed (around 700 categories) on the options page and i tried commenting category checkboxes tree out and pressed Update button. To my pleasant surprise it worked. Continue reading

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Newsletter not saving on edit in “WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin” of WordPress

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I had been using WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin ( when this issue occurred. I tried to edit and save a newsletter which i had created but the values didn’t save.<!–more–> On debugging i found that the Newsletter Edit form’s hidden input element named “wpr_form” (before the hidden input element that contained newsletter id) missed the closing bracket. To fix this possible issue you need to open views/newsletter_form.php and edit the following code near line 71

<input type="hidden" name="wpr_form" value="<?php echo $wpr_form ?>"

to make it complete, i.e.

<input type="hidden" name="wpr_form" value="<?php echo $wpr_form ?>" />

Saving the newsletter should work now. In the meantime i am also writing to the author of this plugin so i hope when you read this post the issue is already fixed.

Arvind K.