Checking / Unchecking radio buttons and retrieving their value in jQuery

Let us assume we have radio buttons

<input name="rd_name" id="RD1" value="Value One" /> Label 1
<input name="rd_name" id="RD2" value="Value Two" /> Label 2

To retrieve and set radio button values by id we have the following methods. To retrieve we have,


and to set the value by id we have

$("#RD1").val('New Value for One')

To check if a paticular button is checked or not we have,


and to set the status of button to checked or unchecked we can do

$("#RD1").attr("checked", "checked");

Additionaly, to remove a checked status from a radio button we can do


Okay, now to perform the above actions by name attribute of the radio button we can do the following.

To print the value of checked radio button


To set the value of checked input field

$('input[name=rd_name]:checked').val('New value of checked button');

To set the status of a radio button to checked we can do something like the following. Here 0(zero) is the position of first radio button element.

$('input[name="rd_name"]')[0].checked = true;

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