Creating a new php functionality page in iLister, the business classifieds system

Here’s the step by step guide to create a new functionality page in iLister.

Let’s say we wanted to create a new small enquiry form at the For this to make happen we will create a new ContactUs handler to process the form values and will place it under miscellaneous. Following are the steps required.

  1. Go to apps/frontEnd/modules/miscellaneous and open config.php
  2. Add a new handler function to the list. In this example we add
      'contact_us' => array
    	  'display_name' => 'Contact Us Page',
    	  'class' => 'ContactUsHandler',
    	  'raw_output' => true,
  3. Now goto apps/frontEnd/scripts/miscellaneous and create a new php file named ContactUsHandler.php in it.
  4. Place the following code in it. You will have to modify it according to your needs.
    class ContactUsHandler extends ContentHandlerBase
    	  public function respond()
    	      //execut you form values here, access database or do anything you would do inside any handles of your iLister. You have access to main iLister object $this->appContext here. Also you could render the template file here 
  5. As a last step goto your admin section and tell your system to access the correct Handler on a call in browser’s address bar. Go to Site Layout > Site Pages (/admin/site_pages/ currently) and click Add New Site Page. In the New Page form add /contact_us/ for URI select miscellaneous for Module and contact_us for the Function field (it should be there once you add them correctly above in config.php).
  6. Create a new template file contact_us.tpl in apps/frontEnd/templates/ActiveTemplateFolderName/miscellaneous. You will place your enquiry form in this template file. Set your form action to
  7. That’s all about creating a new functionality page in iLister classifieds. I will post some more information on iLister functionality later.

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