Field type tinyint(1) would not save values other than 0 and 1 in CakePHP

Just a quick note. I had a “is_active” field in my users table which i had been using to store boolean 0 and 1 values. Later, i mean today, i decided to save a new value -1 to this field but when i did try, it would’t save -1 and would always save it as 1. After looking at a few blog posts around the web i found that in CakePHP every time you try to save a value other that 0 or 1 into a tinyint(1) field it would save it as 1 (as according to Nate, “Cake interprets MySQL tinyint(1) fields as virtual boolean fields, which can only have a value of 0 or 1 (true or false). Use a different column type if you don’t want this behavior”. You could find related more explanation here and So the known best solution so far is that you change the field id to tinyint(2) instead and it should start saving anything between -128 and 127.

Also, another quick note on changing the table structure. Although some folk around there had advised to clear the model cache app/tmp/cache/models) just after manually changing your table structure and before testing the new changes reflect it did work as expected for me even without clearing the cache (may be because i was on debug mode=2). So anyway, if you find sometimes that even after changing the table structure changes would not reflect try clearing model cache in app/tmp/cache/models.

As mentioned at beginning, just a quick note! :). Anyways full credit goes to this post and people there for this quick note of mine ;).

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