Preview your WordPress Website in Godaddy Linux Hosting

To preview your WordPress website before making it live on Godaddy can be tricky. Especially if you are moving from Linux hosting providers such as hostgator, justhost etc. I recently purchased a multiple website hosting from Godaddy and wanted to setup a WordPress website and preview it before making it live with its own domain.

After some searching I was able to figure it out. Here is how I did it.

Ok. Let’s get started.I want to create a new website by name healinglab. is the primary domain for my Godaddy hosting account. Now I need a web address where I can preview my new website before making it live. This can be any subdomain, ip address or just a url to a folder. would be an ideal address. Let’s create it.

  • Login to your Godaddy account and got to Web Hosting > All Hosting Accounts
  • Click the Manage button, which takes you to Godaddy Cpanel.
  • Under Domains section click Add Subdomaingodaddy-websites-preview-manage-hosting
  • Enter name of your subdomain and select the parent domain as shown in the picture. Return back to Cpanel home when done.
  • Find the IP Address of your Hosting Account. As shown in the picture below. Copy the ip address to your clipboard
  • Open hosts file in your Windows machine, as shown in the picture below
  • Enter ip address and subdomain names separated by space or tag, as shown in the picture below. Save it. You may need adminstrator access rights to edit this file.
  • Access the url, for example, It should show the content of the folder /public_html/healinglab. Obviously replace healinglab with your custom folder name.
  • You are done

That’s all reviewing your WordPress website before making live on Godaddy Linux Hosting. Godaddy hosting is real cool and I am enjoying it. Use this link to buy one now.

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