Showing template file path in the front view of a page in Magento

One of the cool features of Mageto is showing the template file path with dotted outlines in the front view of a page. It makes real easy for a developer to find and enter a template file with the help of this feature. To activate this feature one has to follow simple steps while being in the admin end.

  • Go to System > Configuration.
  • Select “Default Store View” from the “Current Configuration Scope:” select list showing at the top left box. The page will load with new settings.
  • Scroll down to find the box tited “Advanced” near the bottom left. Click on “Developer” link.
  • Under “Debug” tab select “Yes” for the “Template Path Hints” option.
  • Click “Save Config” button.

Now open the front end and you should see template outlines with template paths written along with each outlined box (see figure below). This is real cool feature and as a newbie in Magento i really like it.

magento debug Template Path Hints

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