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Setting Style/CSS of select options using jQuery

This is how i set style (color here) of all of the options of a select list using jQuery.

In my case i had select options like this:

<select id=”select_list_id”>
<option value=”#595959″>Grey</option>
<option value=”#000000″>Black</option>
<option value=”#036″>Blue</option>
<option value=”#363″>Green</option>
<option value=”#632423″>Red</option>
<option value=”#403152″>Purple</option>
<option value=”#E36C0A”>Orange</option>

Follwoing the jQuery code i used to set color of options above:

	$('#select_list_id option', this).each(	
		function ()	{

How to position a pop up element on mouse position coordinates with jquery

Here is a simple yet useful trick to position a tooltip (a div element etc) near the mouse click or pointer position using jQuery. In the example here, we have a tool tip (div) with id “tooltip”, a href tag, on clicking which the pop up is positioned and a snippet of code to place anywhere on the page. Obviousaly this small function can be used to return mouse event coordinates by makeing slightest changes.

I have not tested this code jquery version prior to 1.3.2.

So, here is the javascript code:

$(document).ready(function()  {
    var x = e.pageX;
    var y = e.pageY;
    alert(x +', '+ y);
    $("#tooltip").css({"top":y, "left":x, "position":"absolute"});

The code line below is used to stop click event when action is already over:


And href and div tag html code:


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