404 error while saving options of Unique Article Wizard WordPress Plugin

I would try to save UAW options at http://www.myexamplewebsite.com/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=unique_articles/unique_articles.php and it would end up in a “404 Not Found error”. I tried different things in order to fix it..  debugged through the action of the options form, changed form action, urlencoded the url and so one but it would not fix. At last a thought came that it might be causing due to a very long list of categories listed (around 700 categories) on the options page and i tried commenting category checkboxes tree out and pressed Update button. To my pleasant surprise it worked.

Hmm.. so this is the issue. If you have a very long list of categories showing on this page it may not handle the form well and may  result in a “404 Not Found” error. So how to fix it… Well i am not very sure, may be listing a few less categories on settings page. If that works for you as it did to me, and you could do with listing top level categories only, following the temporary hack to make at-least other options saving into the database properly.

Open plugin/unique_articles/share.php file and find:

<code>uaw_get_child($uawrow[‘child’], $uawsettings, $uawlevel . “_” . $uawn, $uawParentCat);</code>

and comment this line out. The UAW options form would list only top level categories and it should be able to save form values now.

Just a temporary hack, i repeat!

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