WordPress custom permalinks and 404 error

Today morning i found that urls to postings of this very blog of mine were ending on a “HTTP 404 – File not found” page. (It had been working last night for sure) I had got custom permalink configured for my blog and it suddenly had stopped working. The first though which came to my mind was that if .htaccess had stopped working at my hosting account. Rather than consulting my hosting provider i decided to take a look at my wp-admin area, went straight to my options-permalinks section, set my permalinks to ?p=123 mode once (checked front end, it works) and triggered it back to my custom /%category%/%postname%/ structure. Voila! it worked!

Who deleted my htaccess file?

In the meantime i had been accessing my wp-admin section i had triggered my ftp client on. Once site got working i went back to my ftp files listing and scrolled top to bottom but i did not see a .htaccess file there. I refreshed the list and hey, it’s there now. The custom permalink i re-configured at wp-admin area had re-generated the .htaccess file that’s why it had started to work again. Then, who had deleted my previous .htaccess file yesterday? It is still a mystery and of course, i am going to consult my hosting provider regarding this right now.

If someone might have faced this kind of situation, please share.

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