Adding uTorrent program shortcut to Windows 7 taskbar

I had gotten uTorrent installed on my Windows 7 machine. I tried to find the location of its installation so that i could create a desktop shortcut but i could not locate it. Then i learned that uTorrent came in form of standalone exe file which didn’t need installation and runs as its own. Anyways, it was installed/placed somewhere, perhaps under one of the Windows user accounts but i didn’t need to bother much. The only thing i wanted to do was just creating a desktop shortcut to the program so i do not need to click a torrent file every time i wanted to run the program. The solution was much simpler than that of what i had been bothering about myself.

I just right clicked a torrent file (with .torrent extension) and chose Send to > Desktop (create shortcut). Then i dragged the torrent icon to my task bar and the uTorrent was pinned to my task bar. I can run uTorrent program by clicking the uTorrent icon in my task bar now. A solution, very much similar to what i had been trying to achieve.

2 thoughts on “Adding uTorrent program shortcut to Windows 7 taskbar

  1. What also works is to just re-install the same version of utorrent you are using right know, and select the option for desktop shortcut (and other things you may want to have).

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