Changing Currency Symbol in Wp E-commerce

There are two possible ways to do this.

    • You have access to database.
      For example through phpMyAdmin. Find the table wpsc_currency_list (with or without prefix) and edit the desired country row. You  need to edit symbol and/or symbol_html entries accordingly

  • You do not have an access to database through phpMyAdmin or similar interface but have ftp access (as in my case).
    You need to run mysql query through a script. In my case i wanted to display AUD in place of $ sign to the buyer. First in the admin Store Settings General tab i checked the drop-down list’s ‘view source’ for “Currency Type:” option. For Australia (Australian Dollar) it was 137. Next i ran a mysql query by placing the following query in one of my site pages.

    $wpdb->query("update `" . WPSC_TABLE_CURRENCY_LIST . "` set `symbol_html`='AUD' where id='137'");

This is how i changed the symbol_html value.

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