Working on ANZ-egate payment method for WP-Commerce Plugin

Working on ANZ-egate payment method for WP-E-commerce plugin (which is completed and here is the link to download).

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There are certain issues so i strongly discourage using this plugin right now. I am busy with something else at the moment so if you are a php developer you can try and extend this plugin to make it complete.

Current status: Live, doing good.

How to install: Create a new file (plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-merchants/anz-egate.merchant.php) and place this code into this file. Once saved check the Payment Method section of the WP-ECommerce and it should show options for the ANZ-Egate payment method. It should work similar to other payment methods. Create your own logo for ANZegate or download this one anz-egate payment method for wp-commerce plugin and place in plugin’s images folder and update the following image url option:

3 thoughts on “Working on ANZ-egate payment method for WP-Commerce Plugin

  1. I integrated this script on a client’s site and successfully connected with ANZ E-Gate Merchant Facility. I am however encountering some problems:
    – Transactions are being double billed with ANZ?
    – If incorrected card details are supplied, the user is redirected to the “transaction-results”, where a large number of PHP errors and notices appear at the beginning and ending of the page. They cite problems with Line 379 of the script. I believe the issue is that the variables “vpc_AcqResponseCode” and “vpc_TxnResponseCode” are undefined as they exist in an array and are only defined on a successful transaction?

    Can you give me some clues?

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