CheckGMail – troubleshooting, startup command and playing sound on new email

I am using KUbuntu 11.04 right now and today i tried to install CheckGMail and make it working. After entering correct login username(email address) and password it kept me showing “401 unauthorized request” error next to the Notifier icon in task bar along with a “Incorrect username and/or password” dialog box.

I tried solutions given here and here and only the solution that uses “-no_cookie” worked for me.

In particular, if you need help with installing, configuring & troubleshooting CheckGMail check the second link above.

If you need help with creating a start up command for CheckGMail in KUbuntu, please continue reading.

To create start up command in KUbuntu

  • Goto System Settings > Startup & Shutdown and under Autostart tab click Add Program.
  • Select Internet > CheckGMail program icon and click OK.
  • Enter a name i.e. CheckGMail under General Tab.
  • Under Application tab enter checkgmail in Command field. In fact, this field should already be populated with checkgmail value in it.

    (NOTE: If you face “Incorrect username and/or password” problem even after applying solution given at those two sites mentioned above you will need to add -no_cookie after checkgmail (separated with space) in Command field to make it checkgmail -no_cookie in the startup as well.)

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