Choosing a business listing directory script written in php

How to Choose a business listing directory script written or coded in PHP programming language

I got a new client today who wanted a brand new website equipped with business listing directory feature. According to him, the script should be in PHP, does not cost much and meets all requirements of a basic business listing directory. It should support multiple image uploads for a listing, be able to do rating(optional) and reviews, supports (paypal IPN) payment method, provides google map locator facility and finally be equipped with small CMS to create some content/article pages, that’s all.

After searching a lot i settled with one that is listed at top the list below. In the process(to find the script), i went through many directory scripts written in PHP. In the view of client requirements, some of them lacked one or another requirement or just over did the job. Some which suited the requirements just exceeded the client budget. Finally i chose Web 2.0 Directory CMS v2.5 which is cheap and looks quite promising to me. Let’s see how it comes out to be with the new website. (I shall add website’s link  later sometime when it’s done and live)

Among all of the business listing directory scripts i went through, i would chose 7 scripts which i would prefer to work with. One’s choice may vary, having client requirements and budget in mind. For example phpMyDirectory listed at number 4 could come at first position if the website was to be featured rich having some blog and forums etc.

NOTE: For someone looking for a free business directory script, i would say that there is nothing like free, at least not a full featured business directory script. You must have to respect the efforts and time of developers behind any popular and successful project. Yes there are communities which provide free and ready to use code (like joomla, wordpress) but there are people behind who support these communities with their efforts, time and money. In particular, if you are looking for a full featured business listing script in PHP for free, you would be disappointed.

Here is my list:

  • Web 2.0 Directory CMS v2.5 (Classifieds Management System)
    Some of the important features are:

    • SEO Friendly
    • Google Maps (Locations integrated with Google Maps)
    • Google Analytics
    • Google translate service
    • Facebook connect
    • YouTube uploads
    • ACL (Access Controll Lists, user access level and management)
    • Banner ads management
    • Content Pages
    • I18n module (Ability to translate not only interface, but also content of the directory)
    • Unlimited depth of Categories (A listing can be in multiple categories)
    • Payment Gateways (PayPal, 2Checkout IPN scripts)
    • Attach video files to listings by uploading it directly to YouTube
    • Email notifications
    • Smarty templates
    • Auto listing blocking
    • Rating and Reviews
    • Multiple photos with slide show
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Manage Custom Fields and Search fields (form fields)
    • Favourites and Bookmarks
    • Contact Seller
    • Email to Friend

    Pricing: Free/$90

    Suited most for my project (with some cool social networking features including facebook login) and it is cheap as well. Let’s see how it comes out to be with the new website.

    UPDATE ON Feb 20, 2011

    Note: This directory script uses CodeIgnitor as a framework and Smarty as a template engine. If you are good in both and your needs coincide with that of mine this directory is certainly for you. Customer support is very good and they responded instantly to my queries/issue i faced while installing it on Windows Server. With their prompt support i was able to install it successfully and things seems to be working fine till now.

  • EasySearchDirectory – Business Directory and Yellow Page ScriptMain features are:
    • Unlimited Categories
    • Search listings by using the name, category, state, city or country or even radius from a zip / post code. Visitors can also sort the list by business name, distance or rating ascendingly or descendingly.
    • ZIP – Radius Search
    • SEO Friendly Listing Detail URL
    • Integrated Google Maps
    • Events Calendar
    • Tell Your Friend
    • Secured Contact Form
    • Real Time Picture Verification (captcha)
    • Rating
    • Add to Favourite
    • Content Pages
    • Automatic Watermark
    • Multiple Photos (admin can set limit)
    • Built In WYSIWYG Editor
    • Integrated Payment Processors (Paypal or 2CheckOut)
    • Coupon or discount codes
    • Online Manual (Yes, it is just FAQ though)

    Good for simple listing, photos – yes, content pages – yes, option to edit email templates like password recovery email etc.. One additional feature in addition to other basic features are Events Calendar and and Watermarking of images. I am still confused between the script listed at first place and this one. I hope i don’t change my mind to this one very soon.

    Pricing: Available at $79.95 (but the actual price seems $300 for complete packages including basic price $79.95 + installation help $49.95 + cost to remove the copyright). (Check feedback/comment from james down the page)

  • phpDirectorySourceAccording to them, phpDirectorySource Business directory script that is fully configurable and compatible with the SMARTY template engine. Unlimited category and membership levels. Accept payments through Paypal IPN. 100% localization with a built in language translation system. Radius postal code search. Supports multiple site design templates.Someone looking for all basic directory features in a light weight script is good to purchase this one.Pricing: $75.00
  • phpMyDirectory – Link, Directory, or Classifieds Script
    • Unlimited categories/locations
    • SEO Friendly URLs
    • Template System
    • Language Files for translation
    • Payment Gateway Management
    • Backup Manager
    • IP/URL/Website Banning/Filters
    • Email Templates
    • Google/Mapquest/Yahoo Map API
    • Module/Plugin System
    • Invoices
    • Image Gallery
    • Documents Gallery
    • Products Gallery
    • Bookmarking
    • Statistics Tracking
    • Ratings/Reviews
    • PDF Export
    • CAPTCHA/Security Images
    • Listing/Review Approval
    • Breadcrumb links
    • Unlimited memberships
    • Reciprocal Link checker Module
    • Zip code radius module
    • vBulletin module
    • phpBB module

    If you are a looking for a website having lots of features along with directory feature, this could be a good choice. It seems not only providing you a good directory interface but also some inbuilt features such as CMS tools, blogging, forums etc., as well. It looks to be one of the most comprehensive and versatile directory script written in php. Manual and user guide are well documented.

    (Please be noted that like someone good in their profession they do advertize their product well and if the script has earned a good name and fame, it’s not only the script alone. Their marketting efforts also have contributed in a good amount in it, of course. Also, i have seen some script users complaing of their poor customer support. Please contact their customer support and clear all terms and queries before you got to purchase, this is just an advice.)

    Fyi, the script seller website, that is is one of the well mainainted website among all directory script selling websites i am listing on this page.

    Pricing: 99.95

  • New PHP Business Listing Script / B2B Marketplace
    • CMS for content pages
    • Newsletter System
    • Banner Management
    • Google Adsense Management
    • Plan Package Management
    • Trade Lead Management
    • Automatic RSS Creator
    • Automatic Sitemap Creator and Google Ping
    • PayPal Payment Gateway
    • 4 Types of Product Gallery
    • Upgrade to Sponsored or Premium Listings any time
    • User can Advertise thier Banners
    • User can Advertise thier Leads
    • Manage Product Catalog
    • Summary / Statistics Report

    In fact, this is something more than just a business directory script. It provides you with a fully working Trade Lead Management system. I haven’t looked at the full working of this script but i guess they are good at what they do.Website:
    Pricing: $349

  • EasyDirectoryManager – Integrated Directory, Event, News, Photo Gallery, Reviews and Coupon Script. Main Features are:
    • Unlimited Categories and subcategories
    • Enhanced Photo Gallery
    • Google Maps integration
    • Customer Reviews and Ratings
    • Events classifieds
    • News or article pages
    • Banner rotation system
    • Paypal and 2Checkout Payment
    • Youtube video integration
    • Coupon sharing
    • Improved Approval features

    Pricing: $399

    All basic and advanced features of a business listing directory. It looks promising, but keeping other competitors in mind who sell almost similar featured script for 3-4 fold cheaper price, it seems a bit costly to me. Anyways, it could be a good choice for someone who believes in and/or expects high quality services in return for high price.

  • BizDirectory 2 :: Business Directory Software
    • Unlimited categories with unlimited sub-category depth.
    • Search engine friendly URL’s.
    • Track listing & website visits.
    • Integrated with Google Maps.
    • Paypal (Monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual subscription options, as well as one time payment options, free to higher package available)
    • Multiple photo uploads with zoom feature (opened in new window)

    I have used this directory script in one of my client’s website( but honestly to say it is not one of the best written business listing directory script available in PHP. As a web developer you would not be satisfied with this one at all. But, as a site owner it gives you all the features you would be looking for in a web directory. Back-end is good. It is very light weight script which makes use of only one page (index.php) for almost all front end transactions. With this one it is just a matter of 1-2 hours to customize whole front end!

    Pricing: $49.95

I hope someone this post helps someone in choosing their most suitable business listing directory. If your choice is different please post it here in a comment and i would try to include it if it is certainly good.

17 thoughts on “Choosing a business listing directory script written in php

  1. Did you say Web 2.0 Directory from SalePHPScripts is written in CodeIgniter? It looks like it’s a Word Press plugin.

    I am interested in a CodeIgniter based Business Directory.

  2. You welcome Arvind.
    If you don’t understand the difference between a category based versus a location based director, then you are not my guy. Thank you.

  3. Hi Arvind,

    Can you recommend a location based directory similar to directory script used by In fact, how much would you charge to write something like that?

    I looked at a lot of “off the shelve” directory scripts, and they all seem to be pre-occupied with having a lot of categories and little support for locations.

    I want to build a “single” category directory with States/Cities location support.

    Web 2.0 Directory version 3.0 is the only script that I can find that has the location support that I am looking for. But unfortunately, their demo doesn’t work…so I can’t see what it looks like with multiple states.

    Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

    P.S. You might want to install WP plug in for comment subscription so that people get notified via email when a new comment is posted.

    1. Hi PU,

      I don’t have great idea about location based directory script you mention. In fact, i am not sure what do you exactly mean by location based. Is it something about to google maps or “within circle” thing? I can think of writing a custom script for you but only after you provide me with more details. You can email me through contact form.

      PS: Thanks for the Comment Subscription thing, i just installed it. :)

      Arvind K.

  4. thanks for your good advice i have just got easyserchs directory manager and i am haveing a lot of trouble loadeing categories
    i ad main categorie then ad sub catgories after a while from nowere comes the abc into categories dropdown menue i have no idea on how to fix this could you please advise yes i have sent many emails to easy search and they just keep asking me how am i loading script can any one help you can log into my website and see my issue i have spent hours loading categories to just haveing to wipe all my work off because i cant get the right answer thankyou

    1. Hi James – i am not sure about the configuration of easyscript. I can just suggest you to ask them either to assist you or refund the money. They might want you to pay them $49.95 for the installation help which they have mentioned here Or you can hire a php developer to assist you to set it up and resolve any issue which you might have there (for whatever reason?).

  5. Loads of thanks once again Arvind.

    I’d been after these products at the deepest level and your assessment definitely helps me reinstate my choice. Just so you know, eSyndicat folks have a plug-in for mobile which in not yet a full-blown product rather work-in-progress.

    Thanks again.

    Niraj Prakash

  6. Hi Arvind, your valuable review has saved lot of my time. For point of view of ease of customization, please help me compare eSyndicat,, and

    Assessment criteria is not limited to Customization ease. Multilingual development and WML/Mobile upgrade is next on the list.

    Your remarks will be a great help.

    Niraj Prakash

    1. Hello Neeraj,

      For the ease of customization i would list them eSyndicat,,, (top to bottom) . eSyndicat uses template system so you could change template very easily with a mouse click, something like you do in wordpress or joomla. Also you could create your own template following their easy to understand documentation. uses its own custom template system so you could change template files manually or editing them from backend (.tpl). salephpscripts and easysearchdirectory use smarty template engine so you would require experience in smarty to edit them.

      For the language thing, all of them seem to provide multilingual support one way or another.

      I am not sure about the WML/Mobile support, you may have to do some R&D regarding this.

      Thanks for your comment.


  7. Hi
    I tried all these scripts except New PHP Business Listing Script / B2B Marketplace that I have just dicovered here. I’m about to choose EasyDirectoryManager which I find costly too.
    You said there are other scripts which can do the same thing for less, could you please help me find one ? I tried PhpMyDirectory which is not as rich as EDM
    I’ll try New PHP Business Listing Script / B2B Marketplace waiting a help
    Thanks in advance

    1. Frid – It depends upon your requirements. B2B marketplace is something more than just a directory. If you are looking for a platform where buyers and sellers could interact, it is a good choice.

      It does not seem a good idea to suggest you a particular script without knowing your requirements.

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