Useful trim prototype (function) in core javascript

Below is the most commonly used trim prototype/function in javascript. Posting for reference.

You can place the above code (wrapped in <script></script>) inside <header> section of your web page or you can place it in an external javascript file…

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Form DOM element not recognized (created) in ajax form in IE when placed with end tag missing

Skipping a form end tag </form> costed me almost a day (i had to go to bed abandoning the fixing for some time though;)). I had been using ajaxForm with jQuery to submit ajax form which was placed on a…

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Autocomplete=”off” workaround / fix for valid XHTML

Add an onload function similar to the following to <head> section of your web page.

Checking / Unchecking radio buttons and retrieving their value in jQuery

Let us assume we have radio buttons

To retrieve and set radio button values by id we have the following methods. To retrieve we have,