Skipping plugin update request from WordPress Installation – Just A Hack

Sometimes, you may want your WordPress installation to not to ask you for upgrading a certain plugin you might have edited or extended in order to meet your requirements. Though this is not a good practice to modify a certain plugin directly, but in certain situations we just need something to happen somehow and do not care for or require future upgrades to the plugin. If you are okay doing this, read on..

Recently i had to edit a certain plugin to make it suit to client’s requirements. A few days later the client updated the plugin as WordPress installation did ask to do so and hence my changes were lost. Fortunately, i had got a backup of the work and thus i could change it once again. But, now i wanted the WordPress not to ask for an update to the plugin.

Just for information, this is how WordPress plugin updates work. The WordPress reads main plugin file in your plugins directory and looks for Version: ### line there. If found WP compares it with the latest version available and if it is greater than the existing version number it asks you to upgrade. So when you didn’t want the WP to ask you for an upgrade just replace this number with something large number says 10000 or remove the Version:### line altogether in main plugin file of your plugin.

It’s just a hack as i said.

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