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Today i was looking for an effective word press plugin which should help me to manage and modify the look and feel of tags ‘cloud’ box in my this very page. After a short research i found one ultimate-tag-warrior and decided to use it. Okay. Files listed there in “Trac” but how to download them to my local pc. Well, there must be an download button or at least a svn path to files repository which i must use to checkout the plugin files but it was just a false assumption of mine and nothing like this was there. I tried and even but it did not work. Then i thought of copy and pasting of files one by one.. eaah.. nooo… It was so irritating that i even forgot to do a google for “download ultimate-tag-warrior” . Thank God, i finally got the svn url.

I know this is a boring story. The essence of the story is, if you want to download/checkout a wordpress plugin, point your svn client to name). It was in my case though. I haven’t tried it in Linux, but it should be something like this: svn checkout /path/to/your/system/folder.

Thanks for bearing with me with this post :)

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  1. Excellent. Apparently WordPress isn’t very interested in plugin contributors, cause they don’t even tell you how to checkout one!

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