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Gimp Image Editor not launching in KUbuntu – resolved

I recently had installed Gimp image editor in my KUbuntu through software management interface. After the installation was done i clicked the Gimp icon to launch it and the system did seem to try to load it but eventually it failed. However if i tried “gimp” command in “Konsole” it would load it (with a number of “failed” messages in the console window) but when i worked on a image for few seconds it would crash abruptly. Continue reading

Adding php syntax highlight support to more extensions in gedit

Locate php.lang file and edit it

locate gtksourceview | grep /php.lang

Now i did
sudo gedit /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/php.lang as location of my php.lang file was /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/

In php.lang file look for <property name="globs">*.php;*.php3;*.php4;*.phtml</property> or similar and add more file extenstions separate with semicolon (;). I added *.ctp, *.tpl, *.module to make it look like <property name="globs">*.php;*.php3;*.php4;*.phtml;*.ctp;*.tpl;*.module;</property>. Save the file and restart gedit. Files with newly added extension should load syntax highlighting automatically.

phpMyAdmin PHP Code Injection Exploit attempt on my server

This morning, when i checked my Give Back India site’s access log i found some scripts/setup.php request attempts. In fact, not ‘some’ but hundreds of them. All requests were made targeting phpMyAdmin’ installations on my server. Here are a few of them: Continue reading

Setting up a catch-all email forwarder and parsing emails using php

In one of my ongoing projects i had to set up a “catch-all” email parsing script. Here’s how it came out to be.

What is catch-all?

In the context of emails, “catch-all” refers to a destination to which all incoming emails with in-correct email addresses are delivered or forwarded. As a destination, you can set either an email or a script on your server which captures such emails and save them in to your local database or files. Continue reading