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A tip on saving doc or docx files in LibreOffice

What i did i created a new .doc file through “Create New Document” that generally appears listed on pop up menu when one right clicks inside a folder area in Ubuntu. The file was created ok. Then i opened it in LibreOffice Writter, created a few lines and “bulletted” paragraphs with formattings, saved and closed the file. Continue reading

Fixing “empty characters with grayed background” in LibreOffice document content

Fixing "empty characters with grayed background" in LibreOffice document contentI copied one of my email’s content into a LibreOffice document for saving as a .doc or .docx. While looking at the pasted content it was weird to have a lot of empty spaces(tabs, spaces and/or newline characters, whatever) with grayed background in the content. You can into a part of the document, in the image below, to see what i mean: Continue reading