CakePHP Captcha Demo is now available via Github & Composer

CakePHP Captcha plugin for CakerPHP 3 is a very useful addition to your CakePHP app to keep submissions on your website spam free. CakerPHP 3 Captcha plugin can be installed in simple steps using composer or can be placed in your_app/plugins folder via download if you want to play around. CakePHP Captcha Demo is available now!

What is CakePHP Captcha plugin?

The Captcha plugin by me can be used to display Google Recaptcha, Image and Simple Math challenge with dead simple and easy steps. Just follow simple steps posted here on Github.

Captcha Demo

A demo of all three types of CakePHP captcha i.e. Google Recaptcha, Image and Math Question Challenge can be found online here.

I am glad to announce an install-able Demo of CakePHP Captcha plugin via Github. This demo can be installed via following simple instructions given here. If you do not have time to go into much details simply do:

composer require inimist/captcha-demo


bin/cake plugin load CaptchaDemo -b -r

Then view the demo on


You can delete this plugin using:

composer remove inimist/captcha-demo

Note: In order to use Google Recaptcha you may have to place sitekey and secret in demo files manually. See instructions here.

I hope you find it useful.

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