Fix to Windows 7 Error “No such interface supported”

Yesterday i tried to install Internet Explorer 7 standalone version which eventually failed and didn’t work at all. Additionally it caused my Windows 7 Ultimate to produce “No such interface supported” and similar nasty errors when i clicked on main taskbar icons and desktop icons like My Computer. Also Control Panel and other administrator screen broke and refuse to show anything in them. I was worried a lot when i saw that there was no restore point earlier to just today morning. I thought i had to re-install windows or at least had to run Windows repair utility but this form post saved my day. What i had to do was to run

RegSvr32 actxprxy.dll

in the command prompt and everything was working just fine once again. Thanks to nice fellow Wynn for suggesting the work around in this form post.

2 thoughts on “Fix to Windows 7 Error “No such interface supported”

  1. Thanks a lot!

    This really helped me!
    Couldn’t open explorer, control panel and many other Windows features, but this did the job!

    Again, thanks!

    Regards Mikkel

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