How to Fix the “URL is Unreachable” Error in Facebook Comments

Recently, i have been setting up the Facebook Comments plugin on my client’s server. Before trying it on live server i tried to set it up on my development server. It looked to work but with a error “Warning: is unreachable.“ where is my development server. I searched around and found an easy fix.


Actually when i did setup new App as facebook i was asked to provide some details like Display Name, Namespace etc. and thus i created this App by supplying Display Name and Contact email only. I needed to supply domain name for this app. After i did it, the error was gone. Here’s how i updated my App details at facebook to fix this error.


  1. Go to and from the top menu, click Manage Apps
  2. On the left side of the page select the App you want to edit.
  3. On the right side of the page locate and click the button “Edit App”
  4. Under “Basic Info” section, locate “App Domain” and enter the exact domain name of your website (for example, and not For my test server i entered
  5. In “Site URL” under “Website with Facebook Login” enter full URL of your website (for example:
  6. If you use app on facebook page enter full URL of your website in “Canvas URL” and “Secure Canvas URL” under “App on Facebook”. Remember that you may have to put “s” to mark your protocal secure (if that applies, otherwise leave this field empty)
  7. Push “Apply Settings” and wait for few minutes – The error should be gone now!

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