How to Change Default iOS Simulator Device to run a React Native app

When testing a react native mobile application one would want to view and debug application in different screen sizes and devices. It is essential to test your application for rendering, look and feel, performance and responsiveness. For this developers use iOS and Android simulator and real devices to test their application.

Change Default iOS Simulator Device
How to Change Default iOS Simulator Device

In this article I will show you how to change default iOS Simulator Device version while running a react native mobile application.


  • A react native app running on an iOS Simulator

How to change Default iOS Simulator Device

First on all you would like to view which devices are available in your iOS simulator. To see all the available devices you can use:

It should list all available devices such as the following:

To change default iOS simulator device to iPhone 11, run

That’s it.


I have shown you how to change your default iOS simulator device. If you like this articles, kindly comment to let me know. Keep visiting my blog for more articles. :)

This article was inspired by an answer at stackoverflow.

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