Easy and smart way to add “required” css class to form field labels

Undoubtedly, this is the easiest way to add a red asterisk (*) sign to a required field label in a form. Here’s HTML part of the form.

Form DOM element not recognized (created) in ajax form in IE when placed with end tag missing

Skipping a form end tag </form> costed me almost a day (i had to go to bed abandoning the fixing for some time though;)). I had been using ajaxForm with jQuery to submit ajax form which was placed on a…

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Setting Style/CSS of select options using jQuery

This is how i set style (color here) of all of the options of a select list using jQuery. In my case i had select options like this: <select id=”select_list_id”> <option value=”#595959″>Grey</option> <option value=”#000000″>Black</option> <option value=”#036″>Blue</option> <option value=”#363″>Green</option> <option value=”#632423″>Red</option>…

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