Krishna font text to UTF-8 (Web Content) Converter

I received news documents (.doc files) written in Krishna(Devanagari ) font from my state government’ press release department and i wanted them posted in one of my blog sites, as it is. I posted some of them as it is and they were displayed well but only on the systems/computers having Krishna font already installed.

Convert Hindi Krishna content into UTF-8 Web Content Now!

The systems which didn’t had Krishna font installed i would prompt users to install the font and blah-blah. There had been other workarounds to support a less popular font style over the web pages but none came out as good as i had desired.

The idea (and obviously the best one) had been of converting document text into Hindi (Devanagari) with universal UTF-8 encoding manually but to convert them this way was never an easy task. I had to recognize each key stroke for each Krishna font character and note it down and then the next one and so on. Ultimately, using php i came up with a small but handy tool which started to give me desired results.

Although this is not the perfect tool to convert content written in Krishna to Hindi with UTF 8 encoding but i think this is the only and the best tool available right now. Usually i update it daily so it might be more improved when you try it again in a few days.

If anyone knows of a better tool to accomplish Krishna font to Hindi (with utf-8 encoding) in a better way please-please inform me by posting a comment on this post.

As i cannot process php on this very page i have created a separate page to use this tool live. If you find this tool useful consider donating so i can devote more time to improve it.

Convert Hindi Krishna content into UTF-8 Web Content Now!

For your convenience posting Krishna Font Keyboard Layout here:

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