When Firebug made life easier

It’s been around three years now i have been using the Firebug. This great tool provides a web developer an easy way to look at and inspect the source code of a web page. You can view and experiment with each and every part of your web page and related DOM elements, inline or linked CSS, JavaScript and not to say the entire page content. You can experiment and play around with the page by adding, editing, removing HTML, CSS and see changes immediately on the page as soon as you write valid HTML, CSS with valid properties, attributes and values there. The most important part of it is the debugger console which lets you to see the page profile summary and lets you track issues with your page HTML, JavaScript or DOM elements.

Want to know more about the Firebug and how does it work? Go here.

In fact i didn’t had an intention of just writing a post on firebug (lots of good ones are around) as it’s been quite a few days i haven’t written one but the thing inspired me to write this one follows next. Today, i talked to a developer whom i know for a long period of time and asked him to work with me in one of my client’s project so things (development) happen a bit faster. I asked him to open the site in Firefox and use firebug to track css and make necessary changes and wow he does not know about the firebug! Well, i asked him to install it and eventually had that piece of work done but it gave me a thought that many of such fellows could be there who do not know about the firebug in spite of having good skills in web development. The Firebug would certainly add to their web development skills and performance.

Okay, so to the folk who relate to web development and didn’t know (before reading these lines) about the Firebug, just rush to this link and install it in to your Firefox browser and have the magic work (don’t know the Firefox? eh! just forget it!).

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