Best smartphones/mobile phones under Rs. 5000 and Rs.10000 in India

Yesterday, my uncle who lives in village rang me and asked me to research over feature-rich yet budget mobile phones available in India. Actually he wanted two phones. One under 10000 Rupees, for himself and another under 5000 Rupees for his son who is in higher secondary class, 10+1. (I am sure the son is going to trick him exchanging phones between them soon after they get their’s)

Although i am not a ‘phone bug’ but as i do honor my uncle a lot, i started research this morning, reluctantly. Finally, i came up with interesting list (and somewhat good and reasonable i guess) i am going to put down here.

The criteria of research has just been to have a good quality and feature rich phone produced by established names like Nokia, Samsung etc.. Obviously there are a lot of other “desi” companies which manufacture smartphones and also there is a large number of China made mobiles available in Indian market but i haven’t included those.

At the end, if i am asked to choose and buy a phone under Rs. 5000 i would go for Nokia C2-01. Under Rs. 10000 range i would go for Nokia E5 however Samsung Monte S5620 was a strong contender but i would slightly prefer Nokia E5 not for its extended weight and size but for professional features like document editors, 5MP camera with led Flash and QWERTY keyboard.

In fact both of these makes (Nokia E5 and Samsung Monte S5620) are best in what they do but as i said i would prefer NE5 only for professionalism only. However if you are a fun loving guy and prefer small phone size Samsung Monte S5620 (with Touchscreen ; if i didn’t mentioned it earlier) is certainly a good choice. Also, Samsung Monte S5620 is one thousand Rupees cheaper that NE5.

Finally the list.

Top most budget phones

Nokia 5030: Rs. 1,556

Samsung E2370 – Rs. 2,689

My Preferred smart/mobile Phones under Rs. 5000 (Indian Rupee) in descending order:

Nokia C2-01: Rs. 3,799

Samsung C5010 Squash/Guru : Rs. 3,499 (approx.)

Samsung Champ C3303 – Rs. 3,799

Sony Ericsson Cedar – Rs. 4,852

Motorola EX115 – Rs. 4,749

My Preferred (Smart) Mobile Phones under Rs. 10000 (Indian Rupee) in descending order:

Nokia E5 – Rs. 9,875

Samsung Monte S5620 – Rs. 8,500

Samsung Omnia B6520 – Rs. 8,500

Nokia C5: Rs. 7600

Nokia x3-02 Touch and Type – Rs. 7,500

The following ones are not bad either:

Samsung Galaxy Pop – Rs 9,000
Micromax Andro A60 – Rs 6,700
Nokia 5230 Xpress Music – Rs. 7500
Spice Mi 310 – Rs 7,800
Dell XCD28 – Rs 8,000
Nokia E63 – Rs 8,199
Samsung Galaxy Pop – Rs 9,000
Nokia X5 – Rs 9,100
Nokia C5-03 – Rs 9,400
Sony Ericsson Aspen – Rs 9,800
Samsung Wave 575 for the price of 8500

If you are a mobile bug don’t hesitate posting your views.

9 thoughts on “Best smartphones/mobile phones under Rs. 5000 and Rs.10000 in India

  1. Nice compilation. You have listed all popular mobile phones in this budget. Moto E smartphone which is recently launched in India and is available at Flipkart for Rs.6999/- can be another good addition to this list.

    1. Yeah, it is 100% value for money. This phone is such a great in low price, touch is very good, RAM 429MB is the best in HD games, 800 MHZ processer, camera 2MP is just good, adobe flash player supported, internet speed is very good, battery backup good. It’s more than anything you can expect in such low price.

  2. I wanted to buy a mobile Phone Under 6000 I sorted Out 2 mobile phone
    pls help to choose which one is best
    1.Karboon A 5
    2.HTC Explorer

  3. Hi, I just downloaded the Abbyy Business Card Reader – Mobile Application software and tried to install it twice on my Nokia E71 but at the end of installation it said me that there is an certification error and that I shoul contact the supplie.

  4. I am going to purchase nokia c5.i want to know it woul be good to purchase nokia c5 within the range of 7000 to 7500.

  5. I had done a similar research last week and i was looking for something else but related today and found your post. I have got almost similar results except that i will put Samsung Monte S5620 at the top as i am college going :)

    Very good and helpful article anyways. Expecting more from you.

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