Facebook share 404 not found fix DNS ipv6

I moved my website to new VPS server. After adding new articles when I tried to share a post it showed 404 not found error with not featured images. I went to Facebook sharing debugger too where I normally would go if I see missing featured image or “old” title which I would have set at the time of publishing a post.

How do we refresh content if we see old content while sharing?

Yes sometimes, I set a post title and featured image in a wordpress post and publish it.  Then I do FB share. Minutes later realize something wrong with the post title and I would change post title or featured image and then go to share it again. This time it would show me the old post title and featured images. So “refresh” it I would got to Facebook sharing debugger to re-scrape it using the facebook-scrap-again-button button.

Well, this was not the point of discussion here. Facebook sharing worked just fine for me but when I moved my website to new VPS server. After some research over Google and Stackoverflow I learned that Facebook used IPV6 address to scrap your website data. As the settings of IPV6 was not correct for my website domain it just could not find and hence scrap my websites and its posts. So what to do now?

Either, I needed to set correct IPV6 values for my domain or to disable ipv6 altogether in order to make it working. Following some instructions for more experienced guys I decided to disable ipv6 on my server. As my server runs on Centos 7 I followed this guide https://www.unixmen.com/disable-ipv6-centos-7/ to turn it off. I restarted the server and to my pleasant surprise I could scrap my pages successfully again! No more 404 not found errors!

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